Writers at Work Productions

Working with the industry to explore new ways writers can work

Writers at Work Productions

Increasing access and diversity in the writing industry


Writers at Work Productions is dedicated to working with the industry to explore new ways writers can work and to provide access for writers to the writing industry


Writers at Work Productions believes if we provide more and clearer ways into the writing industry then we will have a stronger industry for both writers and the organisations who employ them

Who We Are

Writers at Work Productions is led by Director Jennifer Tuckett, who co-created London Writers' Week and The Student Guide to Writing series amongst other initiatives


Past projects include creating London Writers Week with The Writers Guild of Great Britain and other partners

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“Ten weeks ago I didn’t have the slightest idea how to make a start on writing a play, and now, not even three months later having written my first script, I can’t help but reflect on how this was made possible. I feel the process was so smooth that I wasn’t completely aware of how much I was developing as a writer each week, but it was made clear to me when I finished my first draft. To have written a whole play (granted, still very rough) felt like such a huge achievement and I couldn’t quite believe I had managed it.”

Student, Write by the Quays

Fantastic day at @guardianclasses with @EuphoricInk ... Roll on Saturday! #londonwritersweek

Attendee, London Writers Week

“This was my favourite module last semester; when I heard about this module ‘Writing for Performance’ two weeks into the semester which included writing a radio play for BBC at the end of the module, I just knew I had to take up this module by swapping another module for it. Two weeks late into the module and it didn’t even feel like I have missed much like I assumed, the lectures were very interactive, it took me no time to find out everything about the module. I enjoyed both the BBC classes and the lectures because they both were equally useful. The lectures aided me to understand the BBC classes more because sometimes they can be quite technical but were very helpful. When it came to time for picking an idea and developing into a radio play, I had quite a few ideas but when it came down to the 3 different ideas I had to write about it was a bit difficult in singling one out but eventually after I did the next steps were applying what I was taught in class to my radio play and up to this moment that I have just finishing writing my play I tried using the techniques and steps I had been taught in class and I am very happy with my play and the module. I would recommend this module to anybody interested in writing creatively because there are a lot of things to be experimented with by writers through what has been said in class which is a very important thing for a writer to do.”

Student, Flaking Out